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How Hummus Brought My Groove Back.


        Focus evaded me today. I was fighting hard to get on track, but I felt so distracted. One simple click of the mouse sent me on a thirty-five minute journey into the far off corners of the inter web. I just couldn’t get it together. It was supremely frustrating. I usually go to lunch at 2:30, but today I needed to get outside & try to reset myself. It was a pristinely gorgeous day, so I took lunch early.

      Earlier in the day, I ruined the lunch I brought- so I needed to find something to eat. I decided to stop at this Greek gyro place nearby, that I had never experienced before. I figured it would be pretty good, because you could tell it used to be a Long John Silvers. (& Those are always the best ones) I stepped up to the window & ordered some delightfully crispy falafel that I had been fawning over. As the cashier was cashing me out, I asked him how much it would cost for a little side of Hummus.

He Responded: “Five Dollars”…. I was like, “um- Sir, Are you serious?”

         Being the cheapo that I am, I decided against the overpriced Chickpea paste & continued to check out. Just as I was handing him my Debit, This young lady came into my peripherals. “Let me buy it for you,” She suggested. I looked at her confusedly, and told her no, it was ok. She continued to ask if she could purchase it for me. I told her she didn’t have to, but i could tell that she was determined to get some of that beautiful hummus into my bag. So, I uncomfortably obliged.

     I had never been in this situation before. Who was this random lady trying to buy me things? I realized that I had my guard up, because of how unfocused I had become at work. Yet still, this stranger cared enough about my wants, that she made it a point to help me out. It was Powerful.

    I stood there not knowing what to say. awkwardly, I smiled at her & asked  how her day had been going. She explained that she had been having a tough day, and really needed to see someone smile. (How special is that?) She then thanked me for letting her do this for me, and I leaned in and gave her one of my signature hugs. At this point, I almost began to cry. I thanked her, and told her how much I truly appreciated her kindness. I asked her if she was having a rough day at work- but that was not the case.

     I could see her begin to bottle up, but then she began to speak. She explained to me how her 10 month old son had been diagnosed with a rare kidney disease that would leave him unable to digest meat & dairy (amongst other things). My heart fell, I couldn’t imagine how it felt to have a health baby boy, and then find out that something was wrong. I reached in to give her another big hug. To make matters worse, the doctor who’s been helping her family through this situation would be relocating to Boston very soon. I could see the tears swell in her eyes. I grabbed her hand and told her that I would be praying for her and her little boy. I also let her know that I adopted a Vegan lifestyle two years ago, and that it’s absolutely possible to have a normalized diet.

   She smiled, and this time she leaned in to hug me. She said hearing that made her feel so much better about it. She’s never known someone who was Vegan before. She immigrated to Nashville from Iran, and meat is a huge part of their culture. We discussed it some more, and I again thanked her for her graciousness. I told her that she brought an unexpected joy into my world when I really needed it. & Hopefully I provided her with a little bit of comfort. We hugged & exchanged a mutual “God Bless You.” She paid the man for our food & walked out of the door.

   I stood in the front of that line amazed at what had just happened. It was so random, but I couldn’t help but know that I was at the right place, at the right time. It’s mind blowing how much one person can so easily affect another. She had no idea how I was feeling, but I’m thankful that she made that move. For the rest of the day, my energy was lightyears better. I actually refocused & caught up on all of my work. 

   I always try to make a difference in the lives of others, but I realized that sometimes my own insecurities hold me back from truly being as affective as I could be. We need more of these interactions in our lives. We need to meet people who genuinely care how we’re doing. We need more people who want to see us smile. I want to work on that! She inspired me to pass on the Love that she bestowed upon me. 

   God always gets us where we need to be. We might not know when, where or how- but he always gives us exactly what we need. I’m really thankful that I got to meet that woman today. I didn’t even get the young lady’s name, but she’s changed my life & I’ll never forget her.

                                                                           ………..or the Hummus.


Sam Smith - Not In That Way
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So good. Not In That Way is today’s Song of the Day.

So with this album[In The Lonely Hour] that’s what I did: I delved into my head and got sad and honest and true. (x)

D.damn.W & this Realness…… lol